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Monday 9th March 2020

Izzie and Cheryl, plus parent helpers, chaperoned 14 little people around Cotswold Farm Park. It was a really lovely day at the start of spring (although quite brisk) and the children were very well behaved. We arrived in time for a talk at the Animal Barn full to the brim with newborn lambs and heavily pregnant goats, followed by the feeding of some very hungry little lambs. All the children enjoyed holding the bottles out as the lambs tugged away.

The charming adventure playground with tractors and combines, was enjoyed immensely before a welcome break from the wind for lunch.

We gathered our coats and animal food and walked along the Rare Breeds Route passing and feeding wonderful animals along the way - poking their hungry and inquisitive noses out to the equally inquisitive children. We managed to 'tick' off all the animals on our 'spot-it' sheet before washing our hands and heading back to the coach to peer over the hedges on our journey home.

The children were an absolute delight and credit to you all. Thank you Izzie for organising our grand day out!

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